Candle Care

How long should I burn my candle?

Our Bonfire 175 ml soy scented candles should burn for up to 2 hours at a time. On its first burn you should allow the wax to melt entirely to each side creating a full melt pool. If you extinguish your soy candle prior to it having created a full melt pool, all melting patterns will follow the first one and you will notice your candle burning down a central tunnel.


Should I trim my wick often?

Yes. It is recommended to trim your wick after each use as doing this will extend candle life and prevent it from smoking. It is also important that no wick trimmings are left inside your soy wax as this will cause black soot and discoloration. Keep your wick trimmed to about 7 mm.


I have received my candle and it is sweating?

Soy wax will at times release oils or small spots of moisture on the candles surface. This is due to dramatic changes in temperature directly within the shipping process. This moisture build-up does not affect the candles scent throw or burning qualities and will disappear after the candles first burn. You may use a soft tissue to gently remove this build up and remember to always store your candle in a cool and dry place.


Why has my wick grown a mushroom head?

A mushroom head formation is naturally due to the build up of carbon within a wick. Triple scented soy candles have a tendency to produce this effect as a result of their high fragrance properties. When your wick mushrooms, it generally signifies a slower burning candle. Remember that the size of your wick can always be controlled by trimming it prior to each burn.


My Candle has started to smoke. What should I do?

Smoking candles or candles burning with wild flames need to be extinguished straight away. Issues can either be due to a draft fanning the flame or a lack of trimming your wick. In this case make sure your candle is within a clear surrounding and away from drafts and remember to trim your wick after each use.


Why is my candle frosting?

Frosting is a natural feature of soy candles and is due to the purity of soy wax used. It is a crystallization process that happens within the oils which causes the candle to look dry. Significant changes in temperature can also increase frosting. Most importantly it does not affect the candles scent throw or burning qualities.



We make every effort to ensure your Bonfire Candle is in perfect condition. If you feel less than satisfied with your purchase please contact us and we will do our very best to resolve any issue.