island mist // coconut, lime

Dive into summer with the tantalizing scent of fresh coconut, lime and vanilla. The irresistible added fragrance of whipped cream and grated coconut will sooth your soul all and have you reminiscing of an island getaway.

tropical break // passionfruit, citrus, vanilla

Whisk away with a calming blend of juicy and fruity passionfruit and papaya with a touch of lemon, lime and orange. An added base note of gourmet Tahitian vanilla and coconut will be sure to keep you tranquil and dreaming of a tropical paradise.

wild citrus // lemongrass, citrus, mint

Create a vibrant surrounding with a crisp mix of sweetened lemongrass and fresh mint. This lovely wild floral base with added middle notes of herbal lime and citrus lemon ensures this scent will invigorate any mood.

white orchard // sweet pea, jasmine, lily

Experience the most elegant floral scent with hints of delicate sweet pea and star jasmine perfectly balanced with fruity and floral notes of nashi pear and lily. This uplifting aroma will have you dreaming of dancing in a white orchard.

pink posy // peonies, rose, tangerine

Fill your special space with the romantic scent of freshly picked peonies and velvety rose petals. With an added soft mix of crisp mimosa blossom and fruity tangerine you will be left dreaming of a blooming rose garden.

golden pear // pear, spices, vanilla

Bask in the essence of crisp tree ripened pears lightly blend with hints of fresh dandelion and wildflower. This fresh aroma is also subtly blended with French spices and creamy vanilla to bring you a decadent and rich moment.

warm spice // cinnamon, clove, vanilla

Bring your day to life with the luxurious scent of exotic spiced chai. Let the delectable aroma of full bodied spiced cinnamon compliment a lasting base of clove and creamy vanilla.

morning grind // coffee, chocolate

Wake up to the uplifting fragrance of freshly roasted coffee-beans blended with a touch of creamy chocolate fudge. This delectable scent provides a rich and bittersweet touch to any surrounding.

sweet slice // caramel, butterscotch, vanilla

Send your senses into a mouth-watering frenzy with a creamy combination of salted caramel fudge with warm creamed butterscotch and a lasting note of sweet vanilla wafers. Top notes of vanilla bean, maple toffee and malt makes this scent a perfect warm addition to any home.